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Do you have a dream for your life that you’d like to become a reality?

Do you feel like you were made for more in your career, relationship and life?

Do you feel stuck and don’t know how to move on?

If you said yes to any of these it’s time to Jump, Now!

Join us for Jump Now is a personal development seminar that is guaranteed to help you to:

  • gain clarity on your situation
  • discover what’s holding you back
  • give you a stronger sense of direction
  • help you get connected to your purpose
  • help you to dream bigger
  • equip you with next step ideas

and much more.

So wether you are looking to take the next step in your career, start your own business or find the love you deserve, this seminar is for you.

This personal growth event will be led by Motivational Speaker, Success Trainer and Author

Kelvin Troy Johnson


Melissa Rose Williams

Activist, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Seating is extremely limited. Get unstuck, it’s time to Jump Now! Register today!

Are you really over it?

You say you’re over him, over her. But you’re bitter. You’ve changed the way you look at love. At life. At relationships. You treat people differently than you would prior to this relationship. You think you’ve won. You’ve moved on. In your heart you want revenge. You dont want to see them successfully move on and attain anything in life. Have you really won? Are you really over it?



Why not? Could it be that you are sabotaging yourself. Preventing yourself from seeing happiness?
Life is what you make it. We are change agents, thus we hold the power to live the life we design. So how are you using your paintbrush in the masterpiece of your life?



… until it’s done. You can be a superhero! You can save the world! Oh of course some people are “happy” and don’t think they need saving. They don’t value your efforts. It’s not about one though. We all stand together. If you help one of us, you help all of us.

If you’re cooking & your dish begins to burn…you consider it “saved” if you’re able to salvage enough to still tastefully serve your party, right? Even though you lost some you’re still a success!

Don’t think you can’t make an impact! You can be a super hero!! So… what’s YOUR super power??